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Amore e Passione

Our story

In the year 1987, two sets of brothers, Leonardo and Stefano Iacono, along with their cousins Charlie and Leo, embarked on an inspiring journey. Their destination was Le Muscadin, a charming Italian restaurant nestled in the heart of historic Old Montreal. United by a shared passion, their mission was clear: to proudly present the authentic flavours of their homeland, and to warmly extend the hospitality of their rich culture to all who entered.

As Le Muscadin gained increasing recognition, Leonardo and Charlie dedicated themselves to expanding their expertise in Italian wines. Over time, they meticulously nurtured a wine cellar boasting an impressive collection of over 22,000 Italian bottles, which included exclusive private imports. Leonardo's annual trips to Italy fostered invaluable relationships with producers, allowing him to craft and curate a remarkable wine list that would captivate the palates of their patrons.

In 2015, after nearly three decades of business together, the two sets of brothers made the difficult decision to pursue their separate paths. However, the legacy of Le Muscadin was far from over. In 2017, Leonardo's daughter, Josie, who had always held a deep interest in the family business, chose to join her father in preserving and continuing the cherished tradition they had started. Together, in the new location on Saint-Vincent Street, they reopened the doors of Le Muscadin. Leonardo and Josie have remained dedicated to providing authentic and delectable Italian cuisine, paired with the same genuine and attentive service that has been their hallmark for years.

Wine Expert & Owner

Leonardo Iacono

Leo Iacono, owner of Le Muscadin

"In 30 years of business, I have learned that if you approach everything with passion, you will succeed."

Manager & Co-owner

Josie Iacono

Leo Iacono and Josie Iacono, owners of Le Muscadin

From a young age, Josie harbored a profound interest in her family's business. She frequently visited her father at work, eager to contribute in any way she could. At just 14 years old, she embarked on her journey in the restaurant world by working weekends in the coat check, deepening her love for the industry.


When her family made the decision to close the doors of Le Muscadin, Josie approached her father with a bold vision to reopen together. It didn't take long for Josie to grasp the reality of the demanding restaurant business. She soon realized the truth of her father's words: unwavering passion is the key to survival in this industry. With a fervent dedication, Josie became a driving force behind the restaurant's resilience, particularly during the unprecedented challenges posed by a global pandemic. Her initiatives ensured that the restaurant not only kept its doors open but also kept its close-knit team together.

As Leo entrusts her with more responsibilities, Josie continues to evolve and thrive in her role. Her aspirations extend to one day overseeing the business alongside her very own family. For now, she cherishes the blessing of working alongside her father, all while nurturing and growing the beloved Le Muscadin.

Our Team

The team at Le Muscadin is composed of seasoned professionals, each with over two decades in the industry. Our dedication to quality and service is unrivaled, and we strive to make every guest feel like part of our family. Get to know the team that makes Le Muscadin a premier Italian dining destination.

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